Improving musculoskeletal health at work: part of the new NHS health and wellbeing framework

We are pleased to announce that the new NHS Workforce Health and Wellbeing Framework is now available. Versus Arthritis has supported the development of this tool by sharing best practice, research and insights.

The framework will support NHS organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff through an easy to use diagnostic tool and a comprehensive range of guidance against fourteen core organisational enablers and health interventions proven to improve staff health and wellbeing. This will enable NHS organisations to develop comprehensive health and wellbeing plans and evaluate improvement over time.

The framework and diagnostic tool have been designed to be used in a flexible way to meet the needs of an organisation. The framework is divided into two sections, organisational enablers and health interventions with a focus on three health areas – mental health, musculoskeletal and healthy lifestyles. The diagnostic tool has been created to help assess an organisation against the Health and Wellbeing Framework. Through a series of questions, the tool allows for quick identification of the areas on which to focus in order to improve health and wellbeing in an organisation.