Spotlight on our Centre for Musculoskeletal Health and Work

Musculoskeletal conditions, such as back pain or arthritis, are some of the main causes of inability to work in the UK, accounting for loss of 30 million working days per year.

There is currently a lack of scientific evidence to inform policies and interventions aimed at reducing this burden. The Arthritis Research UK-MRC Centre for Musculoskeletal Health and Work, at the University of Southampton, was set up in 2014 to address this problem.

The centre is aiming to establish a national resource for advice on musculoskeletal health and work, accessible to Government, employers, workers, health professionals and patients, and actively promote best work and clinical practice.

It is hoped that through collaboration with teams across the UK, the work of this centre will enable workplace and work-related musculoskeletal conditions to be properly addressed, thus reducing the number of working days lost to these conditions and benefiting patients, workers, employers, and society at large.

Over the last 3 years, the centre has successfully built a national profile so that UK policy makers are now coming to it for support and information. The centre is working to grow its reputation internationally with collaborations across Europe and in Australia.

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