Policy update | Share your views

We are interested to know more about people’s experiences of joint replacement surgery to support our policy work on access to surgery for people with osteoarthritis. We’d like to hear from healthcare professionals working with people who have recently had a joint replacement but had to wait a long time, who are currently on a waiting list for a joint replacement or who have been told they do not meet the eligibility criteria for surgery. If you have an experience you’d like to share about health services in your area or would like more information, please contact policy@versusarthritis.org.

We know that many professionals will have supported people with arthritis to access aids or adaptations. Our campaigns team are keen to hear from people who have worked with people with musculoskeletal conditions who either a) didn’t know that any aids or adaptations existed, and went a significant amount of time before finding out/being told or b) bought their own aids, without realising these could have been funded by their council. To share your experience, please contact Morgan or Fiona for an informal chat at action@versusarthritis.org. We’re also keen to speak to individuals affected, so if any occupational therapists have clients with musculoskeletal conditions who might be willing to share their experience, please do put them in touch with our team.