“The Formula” for balancing the complex equation of Chronic Pain

Following our September Network News article, Richard Pell, Campaign Director for Flippin’ Pain® is back to tell us about a brand new resource which is proving to be of significant interest for people living with chronic pain.

What is the Formula?

The Formula is a collection of resources co-created by health care professionals, pain scientists, communication experts and people living with pain.

Free to access, the Formula includes a series of fun animations, entertaining podcasts, infographics, and short quizzes, structured around Flippin’ Pain’s 6 key campaign messages:

  • Persistent pain is common, and can affect anyone.
  • Hurt does not always mean harm.
  • Everything matters when it comes to pain.
  • Medicines and surgeries are often not the answer.
  • Understanding pain is key.
  • Recovery is possible.

Why is Flippin’ Pain important to healthcare professionals and patients?

Achieving the maximum benefit from learning about pain tends to require a complete change in beliefs and understanding. This is challenging, takes time, and concerted effort.

The Formula is a haven for people where they can engage in learning about pain, feel empowered to take back control and develop the confidence to make informed decisions about the way forward. It’s engaging, accessible, flexible and available 24/7 which is so important in light of the current restrictions on conventional access to services.

What people have said

“The Formula provides clear education and a roadmap on how to recover, with a healthy dose of realism.” Laura

“Living with pain can quickly become debilitating. This enables you to take back control and decide how pain could be better managed.” Fen

“If I was at the beginning of understanding pain this resource would give me the confidence to develop a mindset to tackle the pain science. A go-getter feel to it without preaching, without smugness.” Ruth

Next steps

Flippin’ Pain is a public health campaign engaging communities to change the way people think about, talk about, and treat persistent pain. Find out more at www.flippinpain.co.uk.