Our campaign - Right on Time

On 24 February 2020, Versus Arthritis started the ‘Right on Time’ campaign calling for improved access to joint replacement surgery. Since then, the COVID-19 virus has reached the UK and is having an unprecedented impact on health care services, including significant changes to elective care provision in the NHS.

We have paused our Right on Time campaigning activity at this time. We will continue to monitor what’s happening in the NHS, work with NHS colleagues and other partners to provide information to people with arthritis, and also continue to support people with arthritis through our helpline and online communities. Find out more by reading our latest news article.

For far too many patients, the pain of waiting for a joint replacement surgery date means putting life on hold.

Data from an FOI request we commissioned show that tens of thousands of people are waiting longer than eighteen weeks for this life-changing surgery. Worryingly, with the NHS currently reviewing how waiting times are measured, the existing guarantee to start joint replacement treatment within 18 weeks of referral could be removed.

A maximum waiting time gives patients vital hope and assurance that they will receive the treatment they need. Without this, the uncertainty and agony of waiting is unbearable.

This is why Versus Arthritis has launched the Right on Time campaign.

Sign our petition

Please sign the petition and share it with your friends and family. Find out more about the campaign, as well as downloadable versions of the petition and resources.

If you have a patient who has been waiting longer than 18 weeks to start treatment, all reasonable steps must be taken to offer a suitable alternative provider. Please contact either the provider that they have been referred to or your local CCG so that alternatives can be investigated for your patient.

Our Living Well with Arthritis Commissioned Services cover lots of information about managing pain, exercise and surgery. If there is not currently one in your area, you can speak to your local CCGs about commissioning us.

We also have our local branches and groups, where people can find support and meet other people in similar situations to themselves.

Find out about the services we provide in your area.

You can also find good stretches so that your patients can strengthen the muscle around the joints that need replacing.

With your support, we can ensure that people with arthritis have access to the support and treatment they need.