Flippin’ Pain


Without understanding, often advice about the best way forward makes no sense

Richard Pell, Campaign Director for Flippin’ Pain™ tells us why the campaign is important.

Why is Flippin’ Pain™ needed?

Persistent pain is complex. It affects a THIRD of people in the UK, with sufferers consulting their GP 5 times more frequently and reporting high levels of dissatisfaction with treatment.

What is Flippin’ Pain™?

Flippin’ Pain™ is a public health campaign, championed by Connect Health, supported by NHS Lincolnshire CCG and inspired by the Pain Revolution movement in Australia, flippin’ the way people think about, talk about and treat persistent pain.

How does Flippin’ Pain™ help people?

What is particularly striking about persistent pain is the extent to which it is dominated by misinformation and misunderstanding. This has a significant deleterious impact on everything from public and patient expectations and satisfaction, to treatment approaches and outcomes. Flippin’ Pain™ gives people an understanding of persistent pain that is aligned to the best scientific knowledge, enabling them to make better healthcare and lifestyle choices.

Accurate, evidenced and up to date people-orientated websites are hard to find. Flippin’ Pain™ is one of only a handful I recommend to people with persistent pain. The contributor journeys resonate and provide hope and light at the end of a very lonely tunnel.

Asim Suleman, a GP in Bradford

Why is Flippin’ Pain™ important to healthcare professionals (HCPs)?

Many HCPs tell us they struggle to know how best to support people with complex persistent pain and have long waiting lists for specialist services. Flippin’ Pain™ helps facilitate a shift in patient expectations towards sustainable evidence-based approaches such as combined physical and psychological therapies and self-management, as opposed to passive higher risk interventions such as medicines and surgeries.

Why is it different?

Other web resources tend to focus solely on pain management interventions. Flippin’ Pain™ is different: its focus is on engagement, education and empowerment; an enabler or a precursor to engaging with evidence informed management approaches. It’s fun, easy to navigate, very accessible, written in non-medical language and was co-produced by people living with persistent pain and healthcare professionals.

What should HCPs do now?