Sign our ‘Impossible to ignore’ campaign petition

It's not 'just aches and pains', and it's not 'just wear and tear’. It’s not alright – it’s arthritis, and it can steal someone's family life, independence and even the ability to move freely. Sign our petition now to demand that UK governments don’t ignore the needs of people with arthritis.

As lockdowns ease across the UK, people with arthritis need clear communication about when they will be treated and the assurance that they can receive care and services safely during the ongoing pandemic. Now is the time for all of us to demand that our policymakers, politicians and health authorities can't ignore the needs of people with arthritis.

Our new campaign, Impossible to Ignore, is calling for:

  • UK governments to address the needs of people with arthritis as they plan to restart treatment and services.
  • A commitment to involve people with arthritis in shaping treatment and services.
  • National plans to bring down joint replacement waiting lists safely.
  • Local planning to make sure that people with arthritis get the communication, advice and support they need to manage their pain.