Standardising data in community and primary care MSK services

Given recent changes to NHS services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic it is more important than ever to evaluate the quality of care provided and to capture any changes in quality associated with new ways of working.

Standardised data is essential in order to identify variation in Musculoskeletal (MSK) service performance (including outcomes and costs) and requires the consistent use of a specific set of metrics. National data collections exist for orthopaedic surgical procedures (National PROMs Programme) and for early inflammatory arthritis (NEIAA) but routine collections are lacking in MSK community and primary care services.

A team of academics at Keele Primary Care Centre Versus Arthritis led by Consultant Physiotherapist Roanna Burgess have developed an evidence-based set of core metrics to recommend as a standardised dataset for use in UK community and primary care MSK services. This recommended dataset is now being taken to consensus nationally and we would value your input (details outlined below).

Consensus Survey

Primary Objective

The primary aim is to reach consensus on the minimum dataset (core outcome set) that should be collected across MSK services in order to enable effective service evaluation and benchmarking.

Secondary Objective

The secondary aim is to support the development of methodology for a national audit of community and primary care MSK services.

How Can You Help?

Our musculoskeletal research team at Keele University is asking people who work in/manage or have recent experience of receiving MSK care within a community or primary care MSK setting (e.g. GP Practice, Physiotherapy Clinic) to complete this short survey to help us finalise a short-list for a standardised dataset for routine MSK service evaluation and benchmarking in this setting.

The survey is fully anonymised. Please click the link below to take part:

We would also be grateful if you could forward this invitation to any other Clinicians/Managers with expertise in this area or to friends and family who have recently received MSK care in this setting that you feel would be keen to participate.

Further information about this project including the proposed list of metrics can be found on the Keele website (bottom of the webpage).

To contact the research team please email Roanna Burgess: