Listen to our new podcast ‘Versus Arthritis in Conversation’

Versus Arthritis has launched a new podcast ‘Versus Arthritis in Conversation’ – bringing stories and giving perspectives around arthritis. In this podcast, Alex (25) and Sammy (24), talk about being diagnosed with arthritis at an age many in society would consider ‘too young’. They share their diagnosis stories, as well as their top tips on speaking to others, busting stigmas and adapting to adult life with arthritis too – underlining that being diagnosed with arthritis doesn’t need to define you.

Alex works as a marketing executive. Alex was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at 23 but had symptoms from about the age of 16 with a long road to diagnosis.

Sammy works with children and young people and is starting a Masters this September. Sammy was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when she was 11.

Alex and Sammy share similar stories about society’s acceptance of their arthritis and the challenges they had to overcome with studies, social life and understanding their symptoms. Read about Alex and Sammy's story in our news section.

If you enjoy this you may also enjoy the “Our conditions, our lives” podcast. Alasdair, a young participant has been working on the project as lead producer and director says: “‘Our conditions, our lives’ is a fresh new project that the Young People and Families groups in Scotland have been working on. For the past six months the young people involved have been looking into how their conditions affect their lives and have streamlined these experiences into episodes for the podcast. The episode topics include sports, schools, creativity, and career paths and how these areas of their lives are impacted by their conditions. Each episode includes stories about how participants manage their physical and mental health.” The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor Podcasts: