Our Involvement Network needs you

Versus Arthritis celebrated the Involvement Network’s first birthday earlier this year.

Versus Arthritis’s Involvement Network is a UK-wide group of people who are affected by (living with or caring for) arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, who use their experiences to influence, shape and change the decisions, aims, values and activities of our work and that of other organisations. Thereby making a real difference to the lives of everyone affected by these conditions now and in the future.

Members share their experiences through a range of different involvement opportunities from across Versus Arthritis and other organisations, ranging from our governance structures to the development and delivery of services, research and other activities. Members can pick the opportunities in which they would like to be involved.

These opportunities are broken down into 3 different activity types:

  1. Micro/ Quick Turnaround Activities requiring very little time or a quick response. E.g. responding to Vox Pops (3 question surveys) or signing petitions
  2. One Off Activities are self-contained and will not require any involvement after the initial activity e.g. consultations or surveys, giving talks, focus groups and case studies/ testimonies.
  3. Ongoing Activities requiring an ongoing commitment e.g. being members of project groups, advisory committees, Volunteer Engagement Groups, our Young People Panel and our research partners.

Over the last year the Involvement Network members have had the opportunity to be involved in over 150 activities. Members have told us that they enjoy the variety of opportunities across different parts of the charity and that they feel empowered to share their personal experiences to help shape the work of the charity.

Support to Involvement Network members includes monthly newsletters, participation in monthly drop ins and celebrating your achievement during Involvement Week.

You care for people with arthritis and other MSK conditions every working day so your input would be invaluable: We would love you to get involved in the Network. To join please complete the form (6 questions, or 8 for under 18’s) or call 01246 901 791.