Versus Arthritis and Red Whale Webinars

Versus Arthritis are excited to be working with leading health care education provider Red Whale to deliver a series of free, interactive webinars covering some of the most common MSK conditions seen in primary care.

They are specifically designed to help improve your confidence and skills in supporting people with MSK conditions and to gain valuable CPD points. You can join the webinars live and have your chance to interact and ask questions or watch later ‘on demand’.

Available webinars

Osteoarthritis: primary care matters – 1 CPD hour

Primary care can make a big difference to patients with osteoarthritis, but what we say, and how we say it, really matters. Engaging patients in self-management is crucial. This webinar looks at this important area of MSK health and dispels myths of ‘wear and tear’.

Watch the osteoarthritis webinar here.

View the Red Whale PEARL on osteoarthritis here.

Chronic Pain: why it can only be in the brain – 1 CPD point

Chronic pain syndromes pose a challenge to modern medicine and can be a ‘heartsink’ to patients and clinicians alike. Understanding of the neurobiology of chronic pain and the best way to support patients in managing it has changed beyond recognition over recent years. Beyond this, we now understand the significant downsides of prescribing opiates and pentinoids for these patients.

In this, the first of two webinars on chronic pain, we share some of this new understanding and offer a toolbox of ideas to change these consultations for the better and to make your lives and your patients’ lives easier.

Watch the chronic pain webinar here.

View the Red Whale PEARL on Chronic Pain here.

Gout – how can we do it better? – 1 CPD point

Gout is common in primary care and can be a really satisfying diagnosis to make. Thinking has changed in recent years and we are now encouraged to think of it as a ‘chronic inflammatory arthropathy’ rather than a series of discrete events. It is also a marker for metabolic syndrome and increased cardiovascular risk. Data suggests we are undertreating it in primary care. This webinar discusses diagnosis, how and when to start disease modifying treatments and the impact of lifestyle interventions and much more.

Watch the gout webinar here.

View the Red Whale PEARL on Gout here.

Supporting rheumatology patients during COVID-19 – 1 CPD point

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an anxious time for everyone, but even more so for those high-risk patients who have been asked to shield. This webinar discusses risk stratification and shielding, DMARD monitoring, drug dilemmas, who still needs to be referred and also information on signposting your patients to trusted support and advice.

Watch the supporting rheumatology patients webinar here.

View the Red Whale PEARL on supporting rheumatology patients here.

MSK conditions: a remote assessment survival guide – 1 CPD point

In this webinar, we consider how we can best assess common MSK presentations using remote consultations, how and when to adapt our examination techniques and how best to offer advice and support to promote self-management and keeping active.

Watch the MSK conditions webinar here.

View the Red Whale PEARL on MSK conditions here.

Inflammatory arthritis: Early diagnosis and total control – what can we do in primary care?

In this webinar we take a look at the early diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis and how this can have a massive impact on prognosis. There is a golden window when it can be potentially put in remission. We look at how to spot it, the role of investigations in primary care and all aspects of management including an array of DMARDs and the wider impact of inflammatory arthritis on health and wellbeing.

Watch the inflammatory arthritis webinar here.

View the Red Whale PEARL inflammatory arthritis here.

Polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis: The Primary Care guide

Polymyalgia rheumatica is predominantly diagnosed and managed in primary care. Giant cell arteritis is a medical emergency and prompt identification can prevent sight loss. Both are managed with oral long-term steroids, a treatment which is not without risks of its own. In this webinar we discuss the symptoms of PMR and GCA, when to refer and the iatrogenic risks of steroids.

Watch the PMR webinar here.

View the Red Whale PEARL on PMR here.

Paediatric MSK: Red flags and when to worry

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is more common than you may realise; it affects the same proportion of children as type 1 diabetes or childhood epilepsy. In the absence of trauma or infection, it is the most likely cause of a single swollen joint lasting more than six weeks in children. This free webinar covers tips for examining children with joint pain, red flags in children with a limp, diagnosis of JIA and how to support children with this condition. The PEARL focuses on how to spot JIA and differentiate it from other causes of childhood pain, looking at how to take a good clinical history, pattern recognition and a focused examination.

Watch the paediatric webinar here.

View the Red Whale PEARL on JIA here.

Future webinars

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