Exercise hints and tips

Tips on stretching and general fitness

Doing my Active Life gym session helps keep my joints moving, my core strong and my mind active too. An extra bonus is making some new friends.

Connie - 2018

I do some gentle stretches while having a hot shower. Then I apply lashings of Deep Heat. While I’m getting ready for work I have the radio on and have a little dance to shake off the stiffness.

My car has heated seats, which is amazing for my back/hips while driving. I wear a TENS machine in work if I need or use a wheat pillow.

Nicola, via Instagram - 2017

Tips on Pilates

Pilates works for me. I’ve adapted a lot of what I do in the class but it keeps my muscles flexible which in turn helps my joints perform better.

Nicola Bell - 2017

Tips on spinning

My consultant told me to try spinning, which is very good. I also do yoga. I find if I keep active it’s better for me. I had steroid injections in both my ankles the other day and I had to rest – the next day I could hardly move because everything hurt, but I just kept going and I'm better today.

Kim - 2015

Tips on swimming

I try to go swimming at least three or four times a week, it’s the only time I feel like I used to. It’s wonderful to be able to stretch out in the water.

Debbie - 2018

Aqua fit is fab! Makes you feel normal for a while.

Gillian - 2018

Tips on walking

Take it slowly to begin with. Wear a support on joints currently in flare. Try to visualise the end goal and be kind to yourself.

Mel, via Facebook - 2017

Comfortable trainers and a walking partner to keep you company.

Leann, via Twitter - 2017

Walking on flattish ground if possible. We’ve joined English Heritage and most places have free entrance to gardens which are beautiful in winter too. Wrap up warm and get out there! Failing that I use the local shopping mall to do a circuit or two depending on my feet and knee. Just try to keep moving!

Wendy - 2017

If my back is starting to feel a bit stiff – I’ve got osteoarthritis in my spine – I find the best thing I can do is go for a walk.

I take long strides to really stretch everything out around my lower back and hips. It’s better for me than any medication.

I also have early osteoarthritis in my left knee due to a hyper-mobile joint and I've got a great knee support that wraps round and adjusts with strong velcro straps. If my knee's feeling a bit iffy, I wear that and it stops the pain by keeping my knee in the right position.

Cat, via Facebook - 2017