We often hear from people living with the chronic pain and fatigue of arthritis that everyday tasks around the home can be agonising.

Millions of us living with the condition lack well-designed, well-made products to help overcome these daily challenges. And we’ve seen there are few products that improve lives while making homes brighter.

That’s why we’ve created Arthr – a new social venture that makes brilliant products for better living.

Arthr is a forward-thinking social venture powered by Versus Arthritis.

They are on a mission to design, develop and champion brilliant, well-designed products and innovations to help people with arthritis live everyday to the full.

Their standout designs are created by the brightest talent in collaboration with users, and experts rigorously test products for safety, durability and robustness.

They will also offer a home for helpful lifestyle tips and advice on better living with arthritis.

We are Arthr

Powered by Versus Arthritis

As a social venture, Arthr will invest all its profits into developing more innovative products and into the work of Versus Arthritis.

With those funds, we’ll be able to reach more people, develop new services and research better treatments for people living with arthritis.

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