Face to face services

Our support services, provided across the UK, help you to better understand your condition, manage your pain, make positive changes, and feel less isolated.

Living Well with Arthritis

Working alongside community groups and health and social care professionals, our trained volunteer champions encourage you to take a proactive role in managing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of arthritis.

Their range of services are provided through peer to peer support, over the phone, at drop-ins, in groups or one on one.

Get Active!

Volunteers work with you to support and encourage an active lifestyle. Activities can include tai chi, seated exercise sessions and complementary therapies for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Get Active for Arthritis aims to enable people with arthritis in mid and north Wales to take control of their condition and become more active, healthier and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Self management courses and workshops

We provide a number of group sessions to help you make improvements in your quality of life.

Delivered by trained volunteers, topics cover:

  • communication
  • pain management
  • activity and exercise
  • finance welfare and employment
  • managing change and goal setting.

Young People and Families

Juvenile arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), lupus and other musculoskeletal conditions, can have a devastating effect on children and young people.

Often excluded from social situations because of their condition, many young people with arthritis do not have the opportunity to develop life skills in the same way as their peers.

Our Young People and Families service complements medical treatment by providing additional social and emotional support.

Children and young people living with arthritis will benefit from:

  • reduced isolation
  • increased resilience
  • a more positive outlook.

Parents and family members will achieve a greater understanding of their child's condition, receive helpful information and develop an extended support network.

For more information about our services, email services@versusarthritis.org.

Working well with arthritis

An employability help and support service for those living with arthritis, their employers and service providers. It provides the following:

  • help for people with arthritis who want to remain in or return to work
  • awareness training for employers
  • The Working well with arthritis service is currently only available in Scotland.