What do we want champions to do?

It’s essential that the needs of people with arthritis are taken seriously by politicians. For many people living with the condition, simple activities can be a struggle, often resulting in pain, fatigue and depression. Alongside the personal impact, musculoskeletal conditions have a huge impact on society amounting to the third largest area of NHS spending, with an annual budget of £4.8 billion, and causing one in five working days lost in the UK.

We need Arthritis Champions in Parliament to stand up for people with arthritis. We’ve produced a short manifesto asking politicians to:

  • make musculoskeletal conditions a public health priority
  • ensure people have timely access to health and care services that enable them to improve their musculoskeletal health
  • ensure people with musculoskeletal conditions have fair and timely access to services that support them to be in work, including financial support
  • protect the UK’s position as a global leader in science and sustain the benefits of the life-science sector to the economy.

You can download the full manifesto (PDF 2.9 MB).

We need your MPs to pledge to become Arthritis Champions, but we need your help to make this a reality.

During the last Parliament, thanks to supporters asking their local MPs to become Arthritis Champions, we had over 160 MPs on board. We want to beat that target.

How can you get involved?

  • Use our online tool to email your local MP.
  • Share our e-action with your family and friends and ask them to ask their local candidates.
  • Share our campaign through your social media channels.