General Election 2019

Thank you

We want to thank the thousands of people who campaigned with us this election.

Almost 2,000 people asked their candidates to pledge to champion the needs of people with arthritis. 6,000 emails were sent to candidates across the four nations, and hundreds of candidates have been tweeting and emailing their support.

You’ve helped us create a groundswell of support that will lead to real change for people with arthritis. Thank you.

It's now more important than ever that we tell our MPs why arthritis matters.


Millions of people in the UK live in pain every day. Arthritis and related conditions are the largest cause of that pain.

Pain is a constant and debilitating experience, taking its toll on physical and mental health, relationships and work. We also know that people with arthritis often hide their pain and its impact can be dismissed by society.

We don’t think that is acceptable. This election, we want to change that.

Many of our supporters have already shared their story of living with the pain of arthritis. If you have arthritis or a musculoskeletal condition, we’re asking you to share one image of your #PainNoFilter reality on your social media account using the hashtag and tagging us @VersusArthritis. You can read more here.


Versus Arthritis' priorities

18 million people live with arthritis and related musculoskeletal conditions in the UK. 8 out of 10 of people living with arthritis experience pain most days. This is not OK. We want future governments to act to change that.

This election we want to see:

  1. Improved health and social care provision for people with arthritis*
  2. Support for people with arthritis to be in work
  3. Musculoskeletal conditions to be a public health priority*
  4. The UK to remain a global leader in science and research.

*We note that the healthcare system in the UK is devolved, so our election health priorities are Westminster specific. We are also proactively working with the respective legislative bodies in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to improve health and social care for people with arthritis.


UK campaign guide for talking about arthritis

This General Election, we will be asking candidates to recognise the impact of arthritis on the daily lives of 18 million people across the UK.

We are creating lots of opportunities to campaign. To keep up to date with how you can make a difference, sign up to our campaigns network.

Share a personal message with your future MP here.

Ask your candidates to pledge to support people with arthritis here.

During an election, we need to be extra careful to adhere to the Electoral Commission rules for charities. To make sure you feel comfortable when talking to candidates, we are putting together a guide to help you make the most of these conversations.