Involvement Network member

Who this opportunity is open to?

Someone who:

  • has lived experience of : (i) arthritis or MSK condition; or (ii) caring for/supporting a person with arthritis or MSK condition; or (iii) being a parent of a young person with arthritis or another MSK condition
  • is aged 16 years old and over (16 & 17 year olds will be asked for parental consent, unless resident in Scotland)
  • can be based from any location (this role is offered UK wide)
  • can be involved online, face to face, telephone, individual, with a small group (eg 2-10 people) or medium group (eg 11-39 people) or large group (eg 40+).

A bit about the role

The Involvement Network is a group of people from across the UK who are affected by arthritis and other MSK conditions who use their experience to inform and improve the work Versus Arthritis and other organisations, thereby making a real difference to the lives of everyone affected by these conditions now and in the future. By joining the Involvement Network, members can share their experiences through a range of different involvement opportunities, by selecting only the ones they would like to be involved in.

Start date: from August 2021
End date: ongoing

This role does not require a criminal records check.

If you are interested in the 'Involvement Network member' role, please fill in this form.

What does the role involve?

Involvement Network Members would be asked to complete a quick form to capture their details, and activity preferences.

Activities offered include:

  • Micro/ Quick turnaround Activities - requiring very little time or a quick response (eg) signing petitions and responding to short question Vox Pops.
  • One Off Activities - self-contained and will not require any involvement after the initial activity, (eg) consultations or surveys, focus groups, case studies/ testimonies and interviewing.
  • Ongoing Activities - require an ongoing commitment (eg) being members of project groups, advisory committees, Volunteer Engagement Groups, our Young People Panel and our Patient Insight Partner network, etc.

Some time would need to given now and then, on an ad hoc basis, depending on the activity and the preferences/availability of Involvement Network Members. If you want to take ongoing activities you may be asked for more details to match you to different activities.


Some ongoing activities could require certain skills/experience. Role briefs would be shared with you, and if you’re interested then individual discussions would take place.

In this role you would be expected to uphold the following:

  • Flexible and responsive to meet needs, if available.
  • Respecting equality and diversity
  • For ongoing activities, a willingness to join and participate in training/induction/skill development.

Practical Considerations

Willingness to be contacted via email and use of the internet increases access to certain activities which are time limited and therefore not suitable for postal communication.

Travel is not necessarily required.

Induction and training may be required for some ongoing activities, which would be discussed with you individually upon expression of interest.

The staff role supporting this opportunity is:

Involvement Manager