Research partner

This opportunity might be ideal for those who have

  • Experience of arthritis or related conditions; whether that’s as a person living with arthritis, or a carer.
  • An interest in research and the difference it can make.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work with others.
  • Confidence to offer views and take an active part in discussions.
  • Objectivity, with the ability to consider and balance personal needs with the wider needs of all people with experience of arthritis.

You will need

  • internet enabled device
  • telephone
  • time – either for one off activities or for a regular commitment if you choose.

We will provide

  • support
  • training
  • reimbursement for approved expenses
  • access to the research involvement network.

You may work with

  • Other research partners.
  • Research Involvement team (key contacts).
  • Staff in the Research Directorate.
  • Researchers
  • External organisations including pharma.

Time commitment

Research involvement team

Introduction to Versus Arthritis

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability and a condition that causes great pain, making people feel isolated and forcing many to give up work early. There are over 10 million people in the UK living with arthritis and the numbers are set to rise, yet arthritis is too often overlooked and underestimated. We want to change this so that arthritis gets the attention it deserves.

There are currently more than 4000 Versus Arthritis Volunteers across the UK in a wide variety of roles including fundraising, support services, patient insight and research. Each one makes a hugely valuable contribution to our combined effort to achieve our organisational vision of a world that no longer tolerates the impact of arthritis.

Who are research partners?

They are people with experience of living with arthritis, and they are key to bringing real life perspectives to our research funding activities. They work as equal partners in all our activities so that the research we fund and support is of the highest quality and based on the pressing needs of people with arthritis. Our collective aim is to maximise improvements to people’s quality of life through research, now and in the future.

What does this role involve?

These are some of the things our partners do:

  • Work as a member of our research advisory groups to help inform research funding priorities.
  • Review research proposals and help decide what to fund.
  • Support researchers and partners to involve people with arthritis effectively in their research.
  • Help us to monitor the progress of our funded research projects.
  • Help us tell the story of the impact of our research on people’s lives.

Some roles will require a selection process. Some may be restricted, for example by condition or geography, but most roles will be open to all. Full details will always be provided in the role description. At the moment most of our work together is done virtually.

Why would I become a research partner?

Quite simply – to make a difference!

  • You will be helping to ensure that all our research activities are rooted in the needs of people with arthritis.
  • You will be supporting other researchers and partner organisations to recognize the value of working with people with arthritis and to do it well.
  • You will be spreading the word that research provides real hope and makes a real difference to people with arthritis.

General Information

Safeguarding. Versus Arthritis is committed to promoting a safe environment and culture for children, young people and vulnerable adults. All volunteers will be expected to work within the policy and procedures of the relevant safeguarding policies and attend all required safeguarding training.

Training and Support. When you first become a volunteer, you will be given a welcome induction which will provide you with key information and you will be asked to complete initial training such as safeguarding, an introduction to the charity and to our research activities. At the point you volunteer for a specific role or activity, you will be well prepared in advance with a role description, task specific training and support and contact details for the lead person.

Interested in joining us?

To find out more about applying for the role, visit our page Help shape our research or email us at