Virtual Community Exercise Host – Physical activity volunteer

Who this opportunity is open to

Someone who:

  • has lived experience of : (i) arthritis or MSK condition; or (ii) caring for/supporting a person with arthritis or MSK condition; or (iii) has knowledge of arthritis or MSK condition (eg Health Care Professional)
  • is aged 18 years old and over
  • can be based from any location (this role is offered UK wide)
  • can be involved online with a large group (eg could be up to 40+ people).

A bit about the role

The role of a host in virtual group classes is to create a warm, friendly and welcoming virtual class. The role of a host isn’t to instruct any exercises, as every participant will be provided with their exercises by Good Boost. The exercise recommendation is personalised to their conditions and preferences.

During the session you will be able to turn your phone camera and microphone on/off so that the virtual class participants can see and hear you. Participants will be able to respond with emojis/emoticons on the screen. No participant will have their camera or microphone on. During a group class you will also have a personalised exercise programme created for you. You can choose to follow your exercises and keep the camera on throughout, or you can turn on the camera and microphone every few minutes to check in with the group, let them know how you’re getting on, and give everyone some encouragement.

  • You don’t need to be an exercise professional.
  • You don’t need to be a healthcare professional
  • You don’t need to be a technology guru.
  • Just feel happy to host the virtual classes and make everyone feel warm and welcome.
  • If you can use Whatsapp, Facebook, Zoom and similar apps on your phone or tablet, you have the digital skills to be a host!

Start date: from July 2021
End date: to July 2022

This role does not require a criminal records check.

If you are interested in the 'Virtual Community Exercise Host' role, please fill in this form.

What does the role involve?

You would be:

  • asked to give some time each week through hosting a virtual class for 20-45 mins (depending on scheduled class time) or join a 1 hour focus group
  • happy to use a phone/tablet computer to use apps (i.e. Facebook, weather, news, messaging, video call, email)
  • happy to use their phone or tablet to run a virtual community group session for a minimum of 1 hour a month.

The areas of our work you would be involved with are:

  • Leading activities; willing to be in a position of responsibility to manage a virtual group (i.e. schedule class times, set up group video calls).
  • Participating in activities.
  • Shaping our work.
  • Supporting people.
  • Developing digital services and new technologies.

To undertake this role you will need the following skills/experience:

  • Ability to share opinions diplomatically.
  • Ability to understand that everyone’s experience of arthritis is different; motivated to support others living with a musculoskeletal health condition.
  • Speak up and voice your opinion.
  • Comfortable to challenge us.
  • Facilitating meetings.
  • Interpersonal/people skills – ability to build relationships; high levels of empathy and patience.
  • IT literacy/confident in using IT.
  • IT confident in using Microsoft Teams.
  • Verbal communication.

In this role you would be expected to uphold the following:

  • Friendly and approachable.
  • Interested in meeting and talking to people.
  • Open to having fun supporting your peers.
  • Respecting equality and diversity.
  • Willing to join and participate in training/induction/skill development.

Practical Considerations

You will need:

  • Access to a computer/laptop/smartphone.
  • Access to the internet.

Travel is not required.

Induction and training is to be undertaken AFTER starting this opportunity – made available online (approx. 2 hours).

Additional information about this opportunity

  • Sign into the Good Boost website to schedule virtual class times.
  • Sign into the Good Boost app 15 minutes before a virtual class.
  • Be on the pre class group chat to answer any typed questions.
  • Host a virtual class for 20 45 mins (depending on scheduled class time).
  • During the virtual class, create a warm, friendly and welcoming group session.
  • Optional schedule a post class group video call (e.g. virtual coffee morning) to.
  • Facilitate group conversations over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or something similar.

Our Promise to you

We promise that you will be fully supported throughout your activities with Versus Arthritis. As different people require different types and levels of support based on their needs and their role, so the offer will be personalised to your requirements. Such support includes:

  • Induction.
  • Core training.
  • Bespoke training as required.
  • Record of training and certificates.
  • Annual acknowledgement of activities.
  • Handbook.
  • IT/ access to Microsoft 365/ materials as appropriate.
  • Role brief and support/ supervisor/ named contact.
  • Process to feed in ideas/ being listened to.
  • Access to all volunteer policies and procedures.
  • All out of pocket expenses as detailed within our expenses policy.
  • Use of different methods of communication/ no jargon/ Welsh.
  • Good lead in times to enable meaningful involvement and volunteering.

The staff role supporting this opportunity is:

Strategic Programme Manager, Physical Activity