Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your will to Versus Arthritis, we’re always very happy to hear from you.

We’ve included answers to some frequently asked questions below, but if your query isn’t covered here Gill and Anna in our Gifts in Wills and In Memory team are here to help. Get in touch:

I don’t have much to leave. Can I still leave a gift?


The wonderful thing about gifts in wills is that anybody can choose to remember us in this way. These gifts come in all shapes and sizes – with gifts ranging from £20 to £20,000, from 1% of an estate to 100%, from a watch to a portfolio of shares. All gifts, no matter the size, can make a lasting impact to our work and are an amazing way of continuing your support, long into the future.

We treat each gift with respect and ensure they are used to make the biggest impact on the lives of people affected by arthritis.

I already have a will. How do I update it to include a gift to you?

If you have an existing will and wish to include a gift in your will to Versus Arthritis, there are different options to consider.

You may wish to write a completely new will, including any changes you wish to make. There is also the option of using a codicil which acts as supplements to an existing will and can be useful when making small changes to your wishes.

Naturally, everybody’s circumstances are different, and we would always recommend seeking independent, professional legal advice when making or updating your will. They will be able to advise you on what option suits you best.

Will my gift be taxed?

In most cases, gifts to charities in a will are exempt from inheritance tax but there are some scenarios in which this may not apply.

To understand how inheritance tax will be applied to your estate, we would always recommend seeking advice from a solicitor.

Can I leave my money to a specific project?

It is possible to specify how your gift will be spent to benefit our work. We would advise getting in touch to discuss your options and to make sure we can support your wishes in the best way.

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If you have further questions you would like to discuss, Gill and Anna in our Gifts in Wills and In Memory team are here to help. Get in touch: