What if I have a Will and now want to include Versus Arthritis?

People update their Wills all the time as their circumstances change. A codicil is a simple way to add a gift to Versus Arthritis. It's a supplement to a Will that can make changes and allow additions to that Will without you needing to write a new one. You can download a codicil (Word, 108 KB) to complete and add it to your existing Will.

Make sure that this codicil refers to your latest Will and clearly identify which codicil this will be (first, second, third etc.).

We highly recommend that you consult your solicitor or Will-writing professional, particularly if the changes you want to make are less straightforward (such as leaving a percentage of your estate).

Advice on using a codicil

If you decide to update your Will using a codicil, here are a few basic rules.


Just like a Will, you'll need two independent adult witnesses to you signing the codicil. They or their spouses (or civil partners) cannot be beneficiaries of your Will or any codicil to it.

Your witnesses don't need to see the contents of the codicil, but you must sign and date the codicil in the presence of both witnesses.

The witnesses also need to sign the Will in your presence and need to write in their names and addresses where indicated.

Storing the codicil

Keep the completed codicil with your latest Will (but not attached by pins or staples etc.) in a safe place.

Send a copy of the Will and codicil – in a sealed envelope if you prefer – to a trusted person (your executor, solicitor, good friend or charity beneficiary), and let them know where the original Will and codicil are stored.