The power of storytelling through video: our latest young people and families event

01 July 2019
A group of young people at the vlogging workshop.

Our Young People and Families Service recently held its first vlogging workshop in partnership with the Media Trust to give some of our young people the skills and confidence needed to share their stories, experiences and interests, and voice their opinions through the power of video.

Throughout the day, we learnt how to shoot, edit and publish our own inspiring vlogs using only a smartphone, as well as improving our media skills, and meeting other young people living with arthritis.

There was also the chance to submit your favourite vlog into the 2019 Vlogstar Challenge competition for the chance to visit YouTube for a day of expert tuition and mentoring in July 2019.

We caught up with some of the young people who attended to find out what they thought of the day.

Amelia, 24, has hypermobility and palindromic rheumatism, said:

"I really enjoyed the day as I got to meet a few people my age with similar conditions and experiences to me. It was a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

“As I have a YouTube channel already it was really nice to refresh my vlogging skills and develop my knowledge. I enjoyed learning about how you can do it all from your phone and how important it is to be aware of the sounds around you while videoing.

“I also enjoyed experimenting with lighting as this is a very important part of vlogging. Thank you Versus Arthritis for allowing me to take part.”

Jasmine, 15, has juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). She said:

“I absolutely love going to the Versus Arthritis events and I would recommend them strongly to other people who find it difficult to get out there.

“The vlogging workshop was an experience I will never forget I learnt lots of new things, for example you should always vlog horizontally.”

Top vlogging tips from the day

  • Identify your passion - talking about something you’re passionate about is always most interesting to others and it will fuel you to want to produce more content
  • Storytelling – make sure your vlog tells a story, with a clear beginning, middle and end
  • Picking the right spot ¬ there are three things you should be looking for; lots of natural light, a plain background, and a quiet location. Generally speaking, an indoor location is easiest, as you can control the lighting and noise levels – and don’t have to worry about what the weather is doing.
  • Quality – try to fix your phone or camera in place to avoid any shaking or movement in the video
  • Editing – you don’t need anything super high tech to edit your vlogs. Video editing software is widely available, with different programmes to suit varying degrees of knowledge – iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker are great starters (and they’re free!)
  • Enjoy it – if you can find something you enjoy talking about it’s going to be a lot more fun!

Our Young People and Families service are here to help young people and their families feel less isolated and provide peer support opportunities through a variety of events, including residential activity weekends, workshops covering areas including self-management, education/careers, communication, and whole family events. 

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