Top tips for emotional wellbeing

17 June 2019
Two ladies chatting and hugging.

We all have times when our wellbeing isn’t where we’d like it to be. Here’s some top tips to help keep your emotional wellbeing in shape.

Check out local support services 

We have local branches and groups all over the UK - many have coffee mornings, activity groups and other social events. 

There’s something for everyone. No matter what your interests are, it’s an opportunity to get to get together with like-minded people. Find your nearest branch or group here.

Start with a good night’s sleep...  

Getting good quality sleep is as important as a decent diet and regular exercise for your health and wellbeing.

Read more sleep top tips and check out this dedicated zzzz section

A balanced diet 

Although there are no diets or supplements that will cure your arthritis, some people do find their symptoms improve after changing what they eat. If you have any type of arthritis, you should try to eat:

  • a balanced and varied diet to get all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients you need
  • a more Mediterranean-style diet, which includes fish, pulses, nuts, olive oil, and plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • more omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in oily fish

Find out more about diet and arthritis and vegan diet tips.

Exercise – every little helps  

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your symptoms, so why not try adding a bit more movement to your day?

Exercise has so many benefits and can help to improve your sleep, help to reduce pain, stiffness and anxiety, it can help speed up your recovery from flare-ups.

Try out something new - yoga and tai chi are generally suitable exercises for people with arthritis. Read more about the benefits of meditation, yoga and tai-chi.

Keep connected  

If you have arthritis or a related condition, it’s important to stay connected to your friends, family and community. Some days this can feel difficult when you’re in pain and perhaps you’re not feeling sociable. But research tells us that feeling connected to other people can boost our emotional health and wellbeing. 

Read top tips to avoid isolation and find out how the online community connects people with arthritis.

Knowledge is power  

There’s lots of great resources and information out there to help you understand your condition.

You can ask the experts who are treating you or read more information on managing pain, fatigue, diet, exercise and drugs.

We can help

If you would like to talk to someone, you can call our free helpline on 0800 5200 520. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm. Our friendly team can talk to you about any aspect of the condition, and your call is confidential.

Chat to our Arthritis Virtual Assistant and get fast, easy access to our trusted information, 24/7. We also run an online community that connects you with real people who share the same everyday experiences.

If you’re living with arthritis and don’t have anyone to speak to, our social media channels are a great way to hear from other people going through similar things. Share your experiences on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram