Psoriatic arthritis in animation

28 October 2019
Psoriatic arthritis animation screenshot.

Psoriatic arthritis is an auto-immune condition which can cause pain, swelling and stiffness around your joints.

Find out more information about psoriatic arthritis from explanations about treatments, drugs, to advice on diet and exercise. This information is also available in a booklet, which you can download for free.

Watch and learn

We’ve launched a new animation which provides a basic introduction to psoriatic arthritis, including symptoms and treatments.

We hope this animation helps to give a better understanding of psoriatic arthritis. Watch it now and see what you think.

Psoriatic arthritis: an introduction

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Our Facebook live session

With the launch of our psoriatic arthritis animation we recently ran a Facebook live Questions and Answers session. 

On the day, we had rheumatologist Benjamin Ellis on hand to answer your questions from a specialist’s point of view. We’ll also had people with psoriatic arthritis to share their own experiences of the condition.

BBC TV presenter and journalist Julian Worricker, who has psoriatic arthritis himself, has also written about how it affects people in different ways and to different extremes.

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