Coronavirus and the shielding situation in Wales

15 May 2020
The welsh assembly.

15 May 2020 - shielding situation in Wales 

Thousands more people have been added to the list of people needing to shield by the Welsh Government. Letters were sent out to people newly added to the list last week.

The expansion of the list of people needing to shield followed a refinement of the medical criteria for shielding and through updated searches of secondary care systems within the NHS.

What we’re doing

Mary Cowern, Director of Cymru Versus Arthritis said:

“We have been feeding in experiences of people with arthritis to the Welsh Government during the pandemic and we are pleased that further action has been taken to address our concerns regarding shielding letters. We informed the Welsh Government that we were concerned that there were still people needing to shield who were yet to receive their shielding letter and that some people who are shielding have had significant difficulties accessing services set up to support them during the pandemic, including access to priority delivery slots with supermarkets.”

Cymru Versus Arthritis is aware that updated lists of shielding people have already been shared with supermarkets and service providers. However, we have sought confirmation from Welsh Government that the shared list has been fully updated to include all people recently added to the shielding list.

Guidance on shielding

The Welsh Government has issued details regarding shielding, and has stressed that those not in the shielding group still need to take extra precautions.

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