Helping more people with arthritis to get active

20 August 2020
A group of people with their arms in the air.

The Sport England funding of £374,000 over 12 months will enable us to provide more advice, resources and inspirational videos to help motivate you and answer questions you may have about exercising safely.

Striking a balance of healthy eating, rest and exercise have proven benefits for people with arthritis, from boosting wellbeing, to helping to strengthen muscles, ease stiffness and reduce pain.

You don’t have to run a marathon or do hours at the gym to get fit. It’s recommended that you find what exercise works for you, do what you enjoy and tune in to when you need to take things more gently. Read more about the benefits of keeping active.

Making movement part of your daily routine

We know with the easing of lockdown you may feel anxious about going outside or to your local gym. As it’s important to try to keep active, we’ll share exercise options you can do at home.

There will be exercise focused podcasts, videos and articles available here on our website. These will also be shared on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels, as well as on our online community.

Our videos will feature qualified experts and real people with lived experience of arthritis, who know what it’s like living with the condition and how being active benefits them.

There will be myth-busting blog posts and videos to combat the misconceptions and assumptions that exercise can make your arthritis symptoms worse.

Sharing exercise tips and advice

In 2019, in partnership with DJS research we surveyed over 800 people with MSK conditions. The research indicated that 7 in 10 people indicated they wanted to be more physically active.

Of those surveyed, 77% wanted greater practical support, such as tips around physical activity and pain management, 52% wanted more activities they could do in their own home and 45% wanted help and advice on how to be more active.

Our ambition is to give you the support you need every step of the way. You don’t need to tackle everything in one go. By setting realistic goals, you can make exercise work for you. Whether it’s walking netball, Pilates or dancing in the kitchen, it is all beneficial.

Rebecca Jones, National Partnerships Lead for Health and Inactivity at Sport England said:

“We’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with Versus Arthritis to help to support people to manage their condition. The planned work is vitally important to support those with musculoskeletal conditions to be active in a way that’s right for them, and we hope that this work will reach thousands of people to do just that.”

Let's Move

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