“I enjoyed every minute of it, I'd love to do it again"

14 July 2020
Our volunteers wearing i am versus arthritis t-shirts who've taken part in the 10,000 steps challenge.

We know these are challenging times with COVID-19 stopping face to face activities and we’re looking forward to when we can see all of our fundraisers back out there doing the activities they love in support of Versus Arthritis.

Which is why we're so proud of everyone who took on the recent 10,000 steps challenge, your determination and support of one another has been phenomenal.

Rising to the virtual fundraising challenge

On 1 June 2020, we launched our first virtual fundraising challenge on Facebook to continue our commitment to fundraise together to help millions of people with arthritis.

The challenge was simple: do 10,000 Steps a day throughout June. You could do the steps in any way you wanted from jogging, dancing or running. Everyone was encouraged to adapt the target to work for them and the most important focus was keeping active during the month.

We saw a fantastic response with many of you sharing your daily steps with family and friends, and even using indoor steppers or exercise bikes to reach your targets.

Thank you

Together, you raised over £135,000.00 and walked an estimated 750,000,000 steps during the June challenge. The same distance as walking around Britain’s coastline 33 times! This is a phenomenal achievement.

On Facebook we had an epic 108,000 posts, likes and comments during the 30-day challenge, with people sharing their stories, daily achievements and advice with one another.

The challenge and the amazing members of the group highlighted just how arthritis impacts so many lives every single day.

Your stories

Read some of our walkers’ stories and see how this challenge united so many people in the fight to defy arthritis. Thank you to everyone who took part!


Jade, 28, has juvenile idiopathic arthritis. She lives in Scotland with her fiancé Grant.

"I wanted to sign up for the challenge to help raise more awareness of the condition and how it can affect anyone of anyone age. I started off lockdown without a goal for the day but signing up the 10,000 steps challenge really helped. My partner Grant did the challenge with me so that if I couldn’t do the full amount he would step in. So, we completed it together and got 620,686 steps for the month and raised £515!"


Lili, 55, lives in Devon. She has ankylosing spondylitis.

"I wanted to raise awareness about what it’s like to live with arthritis and to raise funds for research as it’s very hard to be told you’ve a lifelong condition and there’s no cure. It’s been great to see on social media that lots of people are doing the challenge and are doing their absolute best."

"Being part of the Versus Arthritis Community for the past month as been fantastic. It has been inspiring and I have felt motivated every day. To know so many people are working together for a common cause and are all rooting for each other has been amazing. It’s the first fundraising activity I’ve done for the charity and it has been so inclusive, it’s been fab”

"I set myself a target to do 10,000 steps per day and raise £150. I’ve almost hit my financial target; it currently stands at £125 and I’m confident when the challenge ends, I’ll reach my goal."


Lynne, 65, has rheumatoid arthritis and lives in Devon.

"I felt invigorated. My general health has benefited. We all have to be mindful of ourselves during these times and it really did me good. I live on the edge of Dartmoor so I walk every day anyway, but this challenge provided some focus during these unprecedented times. And I loved it."

Lynne made friends with fundraiser Karen on our Facebook page. They’ve met up for a walk together and will meet again shortly.

"I posted a photo on Facebook of me at Noss Mayo, on the Yealm Estuary and Karen happened to see the post, knew we lived nearby so we arranged to meet up for a walk at PlymBridge Woods which is in between our houses. And that was how our friendship began."

"We’ve been supporting each other ever since. We chat every day on Facebook. Karen is so supportive of me and I of her. We also compare treatments and aches and pains."

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