Introducing Arthr and the ChangeMakers

24 July 2020
Man showing a design on a laptop and a group of people talking about products to help at home.

Millions of people living with arthritis know how the condition can cause pain and fatigue which can make everyday tasks difficult.

Arthr, a new social venture powered by Versus Arthritis, is developing new products for and with people with arthritis to make daily life easier.

"What really excites me about these products more than anything, is the majority of them are not just better versions of what's out there, but they approach the problem in a completely different way and look at it from a different angle. So really bringing something completely new to the market. We’re proud of our partnerships with Versus Arthritis. To say we’re reinvesting every penny to make every day better with people with arthritis is such a privilege."

Bobby Watkins, Managing Director, Arthr

Understanding what people with arthritis need

All products were developed from extensive research and workshops with people with arthritis of all ages, medical professionals and design experts to understand your needs.

"We can make a much bigger positive impact if we look at the gaps and where people are being under served. All new product concepts have involved people with arthritis along the whole way."

Adam Vaughan, Head of Design, Arthr

Researchers spoke to several hundred people living with arthritis and heard common themes in the everyday challenges people were facing. These included daily activities like getting dressed, getting washed and cooking. The list was extensive.

They also found that many existing products on the market to help with these everyday tasks just weren’t good enough. Some were not functional, and the design was often old-fashioned and medical.

Arthr was founded to solve the problems people living with arthritis experience every day.

Introducing Arthr

Putting people with arthritis first

People are at the heart of everything Arthr does, and those with arthritis are involved every step of way, from concept development to testing prototypes.

We know that with the right treatment and assistance, everyday tasks with arthritis can be made easier.

All of Arthr's profits are reinvested back into the services, support and research of Versus Arthritis and into creating the next new product for people with arthritis. 

Read more about living well with arthritis.

Sign up to join Arthr’s ChangeMaker community

Arthr is collaborating with designers and manufacturers to put their passion and talents into new brilliantly designed products that help solve the everyday challenges of arthritis – and you too can be part of that journey.

By joining the ChangeMaker community, you’ll be part of a network of passionate, like-minded people who want to contribute the solutions to everyday challenges.

You’ll have a chance to take part in research, test products in development, and co-create new product ideas. With your help, Arthr can make more and better products to help more people live well with arthritis.

Read more about Arthr and sign-up to the Arthr ChangeMaker Community. 

Help and support

If you have questions about back pain and exercise or you're unsure about anything, we are here to support.