“I like that the products for Arthr are different… it feels like they’re made for me.”

25 November 2020
Ellen with arthr products including the hot water bottle.

This year, the festive season may feel very different due to the pandemic and we know that it can feel a particularly difficult and exhausting time of year for people with joint and mobility conditions. Aids, adaptations, and products for your home and daily life can make a difference to the everyday tasks.

Arthr designs and creates products for and with people with arthritis. Powered by Versus Arthritis, all profits are reinvested back into the support and research and creating the next new product for people with arthritis.

In this blog, we catch up with Ellen about some of the products she loves from the Arthr range, great for presents to treat yourself or a loved one, and hear how they’ve helped make things a little easier.

Ellen’s story

My name is Ellen, and I have lived with juvenile idiopathic arthritis since I was eighteen months old. Since I was diagnosed with this condition at such a young age, I had to adapt to it while growing up in all aspects of life.

“Before I’d heard of Arthr, I wasn’t really using any products and I was using a lot of work arounds to get by.”

I think I got used to living with arthritis in this way and I didn’t realise there are products that can help. Since using some of these, I realise I didn’t need to just push my way through life.

I like that the products for Arthr are different from other things on the market. It feels like they’re made for me and that makes it a really nice shopping experience. I don’t feel like my disability is thrown in my face and that they get me.

“The YuYu hot water bottle is something that I use on a daily basis.”

It’s the most comforting hot water bottle one can ever have. It's extremely versatile - you can tie and wear it all over your body and stays hot for 2-3 hours.

The hot water bottle has made pain management so much easier. Because it wraps around it’s so much easier to use and wear it and forget you’ve got it on. I suffer badly from lower back pain and wear it at my desk, especially good at this time of year.

The G-Hold phone holder and stand sticks to the back of your phone and can be removed for wireless charging. I’m on my phone quite a lot and my joints stiffen up if I use it for too long and it helps keep my joints in a neutral position rather than a gripping position. It’s made life a lot easier. The 360° rotation is immensely helpful while you're watching or scrolling on your phone.

“The Wade Two Handed Teapot is an incredibly useful and lovely product.”

I would never have usually made tea in a teapot because of the weight and the faff, the double handle makes it much better. It’s light to lift and really convenient for personal use. It can hold up to 2 cups of tea. I love it!

If I could have anything on my Christmas list, the recoil knee pads would be the one as it’s probably not something I would purchase myself but would love to receive from someone else.

More gadgets from Arthr to help with everyday tasks

We’ve highlighted some of the other products from Arthr below that we think make nice gifts for others or to treat yourself.

The Arthr Car Door Mate

We don’t know how much travelling we’ll all be doing over the next few weeks, but if you are planning to see family and friends, the Car Door Mate is useful.

The wedge design holds the car door open, giving people the confidence to lift themselves out of the car seat and reduces the lower body strain.

Working from Home Kit

We know that if you’re working from home, you may be experiencing increase pain or stiffness. The kit includes products that make using a mobile or tablet easier and gives you access to specialist stretching routines to help when spending long periods working at home. Also, read our blog on strengthening and stretching.

Peta gardening tools

Many of you have shared your tips on gardening before with us and tell us it’s something you enjoy and helps you stay active. The Peta gardening tools for gardening help eliminate strain and pressure, making repetitive action possible.