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02 September 2020
People looking at the Arthr toilet riser design.

There are everyday things we do such as getting in and out of the bath, getting dressed or making the bed which can feel like a monumental task when you live with arthritis.

Having arthritis can mean facing daily challenges in your home and during your weekly routine. These are frequently activities that others may take for granted and are either not aware of or able to appreciate areas you have to do differently.

Arthr, a social venture powered by Versus Arthritis, design, develop and champion brilliant innovations to help people with arthritis live to the full. They invest all their profits back into research and developing new and better products.

Using design to improve daily living

One of the simple things in life and a fundamental necessity, is the act of going to the toilet.

It's not something we often openly talk about because it’s a private experience, however it can be an area of difficulty for some of us with arthritis. It’s a topic we feel should be spoken about and addressed.

Nimesh shares her experiences of using aids and adaptions at home:

“It's just a matter of getting down there and trying to get up again. I'm finding it quite painful, and I actually rely upon the wall to support me, if that wall wasn't there it would be more challenging... Some of the products I have been looking at such as grab rails, they seem to be really old fashioned and they seem to be like an old persons home or you would probably find in a hospital.”


Experiences like that of Nimesh’ show why there is a need to develop and innovate new, better products for people with arthritis.

Behind...The Arthr Toilet Riser

There aren't many products out there that have been created with the particular challenge of arthritis in mind. Or many that solve a problem but do so with dignity of well-designed products. People have told us that they have felt embarrassed by the aids they were using at home.

Taking on the toilet challenge

Going to the toilet was one of the challenges Arthr identified by people with arthritis that was underserved and needed a new and more effective solution.

“For people with arthritis, it’s quite a common issue that they have difficulty in using the toilet...Because of pain or pressure in their knees, hips and lower back mean that bending down and getting up again can be difficult.”

Adam Vaughan, Head of Design at Arthr.

The ambition was to develop a product which would be functional, making it easier to get on and off the toilet, subtle in style and that’s designed to fit seamlessly into a modern bathroom.

“People were often embarrassed by their situation. And that gave us some inspiration… we have to make toilet seats modern and stylish pieces of kit.”

Martin Riddiford, Product Designer.

Behind...The Arthr Toilet Riser: The Designer's story

The design team at Arthr collected feedback from people with arthritis, healthcare professionals and specialists such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists to help develop the right product which would be fit for purpose.

You can pre-order your new toilet cover now.

Developing better products

We are always looking into the different challenges people with arthritis face to inform our product research and development and help as many people as possible with arthritis in the most ways we can.

With your help, Arthr can make more and better products to help more people live well with arthritis. Get involved and sign-up to the Arthr ChangeMaker Community. 

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