Alex and Sammy’s arthritis diagnosis stories: it doesn't define you

15 July 2021

Welcome back to the Versus Arthritis podcast!

The podcast is all about people with arthritis sharing their unfiltered stories. Host, Alex Greenan, speaks to a number of guests from different backgrounds and perspectives about the topics and experiences that matter to them the most: from diagnosis, exercise and movement, fatigue, pain, lifestyle changes, sex, relationships and many more aspects of life with arthritis.

Season one of The Versus Arthritis Podcast is all about the topic of diagnosis. In the first episode, Alex spoke to Tom, who was recently diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, about how it felt to receive a diagnosis after years of pain and fatigue.

Episode three: It Doesn’t Define You - Alex and Sammy’s Arthritis Diagnosis Stories

Alex is 25 and Sammy is 24. They were both diagnosed with arthritis at an early age and met on the young people’s panel for Versus Arthritis.

Although Alex has ankylosing spondylitis and Sammy has juvenile arthritis, they share similar stories about society’s acceptance of their arthritis and the challenges they had to overcome with studies, social life and understanding their symptoms.

Listen to Season 1 of the Versus Arthritis podcast.

Episode transcript

If you’re not able to listen to the audio version of the podcast, we’ve made a written transcript available.

Coming up next – Season 2 of the podcast

We’re busy working on Season 2 of the podcast which is all about moving with arthritis and will be released at the end of August.

We know that the pain and fatigue caused by arthritis can make movement difficult, so this season is going to be all about recognising those challenges and celebrating every little victory.

From keeping moving around the house, to playing the sports you love as well as useful hints and tips on staying active and managing pain, we’ll be speaking to different people about their experiences on moving with arthritis.

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