Tom’s arthritis diagnosis story: welcome to The Versus Arthritis Podcast

31 May 2021

Welcome to the Versus Arthritis podcast!

The podcast is all about people with arthritis sharing their unfiltered stories. Host, Alex Greenan, speaks to a number of guests from different backgrounds and perspectives about the topics and experiences that matter to them the most: from diagnosis, exercise and movement, fatigue, pain, lifestyle changes, sex, relationships and many more aspects of life with arthritis.

Season one of the Versus Arthritis podcast will look at the topic of diagnosis over three episodes. Each episode will include conversations with a person with arthritis around the topic of their diagnosis and an opportunity for the guest to give their tips, advice and reflections on the topic from their personal perspective.

Episode One: Hoop Dreams - Tom’s arthritis diagnosis story

Tom is 30 years old and was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in December of 2020.

Alex chats to Tom about how it felt to receive a diagnosis after years of pain, often put down to basketball injuries.

He also shares what the future holds and what adjustments he’ll be making as he moves forward with life with arthritis.

Listen to Season 1 of the Versus Arthritis podcast.

Coming up next - Yvonne’s diagnosis story

“Somebody has solved every problem that I am going to have to face, so I don’t always have to do the solving… Instead of being a panic situation I felt ‘I’ve got my light at the end of the tunnel now’.”

In episode two, Alex chats to Yvonne, who gives shares her story, tips and reflections 53 years after her first diagnosis.

Listen to Season 1 of the Versus Arthritis podcast to hear the full season of diagnosis stories.

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