Have aids and adaptations helped you?

A woman using an aid to help her open a can with a ring pull
  • Do you live with arthritis, or another musculoskeletal condition?
  • Do you use any aids and adaptations to help you at home? Aids can include shoe horns, two-handled saucepans or electric tin openers, whereas adaptations are things like widened doorways, ramps, lever taps and wet rooms.

If so, then we want to hear from you. Support our Room to Manoeuvre campaign and complete our survey.

Your responses will help us understand the difference that aids and adaptations can make to people with arthritis, and give us strong evidence which we will use to persuade the Government to do everything it can to support people to access the aids and adaptations they need.

If you don’t use any aids or adaptations at the moment, we would still be very interested to hear about why this is.

People with arthritis across the UK can respond to this survey, and the answers you provide will be treated in confidence. The survey should take around between 5 and minutes to complete depending on your experience, and you can skip sections when you have nothing to share.

The survey will be open until Sunday 3 March.

If you have questions before you take part, you can email our campaigns team on campaigns@versusarthritis.org

Read more about our aids and adaptations campaign.