Volunteering with us, giving back and the feel-good factor

A group at an exercise group with both of their hands in the air.

We couldn't do what we do without your amazing support. Each year our amazing volunteers, campaigners and fundraisers take on challenges around the UK and together we’re pushing back against arthritis.

We all know that helping people makes you feel good but now we have real evidence that proves how giving time to help others improves your wellbeing. 

You give and receive

A recent report from the Royal Voluntary Service found that among first time volunteers:

  • 34% felt less stress
  • 42% felt a positive effect on their physical health
  • 65% felt a positive effect on their happiness levels
  • 37% felt less lonely.

For those reasons, there isn’t a better time than now to get involved  and give a little back.

So why aren’t we all volunteering? For a lot of us, it’s because we just don’t have the time.

What you can achieve in minutes

Volunteering and getting involved can be flexible and take up only small chunks of your time, if you have a busy life. With technology and smart phones, you can choose whether to do something face to face like take part in an event for us or share your experiences on our online community.

With ‘micro-volunteering’ you can:

Together, we can beat arthritis

There are many ways for you to get involved and join our fight against arthritis. If you have limited spare time but want to meet people with arthritis why not volunteer to be a moderator for our online community? It’s people like Emma who help our 10,000 members feel less alone.

Being a moderator changed my perspective and put joy back into my heart because now I'm not alone and I'm not scared.


If you want to get out and meet new people you might find a volunteering opportunity in your local community. If shaping our research is more up your street then check out our patient insight partner group.

Check out more volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved.

We need your help

Invite your MP to Our Room to Manoeuvre event on 7th May to learn more about the importance of aids and adaptations to people with arthritis.

Ask your MP to attend

Do you have question?

We’re here to help you find answers about your arthritis. Find out how we can support you. Call our helpline or access our online resources.

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