E-rehab for Knee Pain

Lead researcher

Professor Philip Conaghan, University of Leeds.

Who can get involved

Adults aged 45 years or over who have had persistent activity-related knee pain (for example, when walking) for at least three months. Participants must have access to a mobile phone, and a computer or tablet with Internet access that can be used for video calls.

Unfortunately, people with inflammatory arthritis (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, gout), or anyone who’s had a knee replacement, or recent steroid injection or keyhole surgery on their painful knee are not eligible for this study.

Type of study

Randomised trial.



About the project:

This project aims to evaluate two different types of Internet-delivered (electronic) rehabilitation programmes for people with persistent knee pain, and also compare these programmes with a control group and usual physiotherapy care. If one or both electronic-rehabilitation programmes are considered feasible and acceptable, then a larger study maybe conducted in the future to investigate if one or both can be implemented in the NHS.

What is involved?

Participants who consent to being in the study will be asked to complete a postal questionnaire about their knee pain before being randomly selected to be in either one of the two electronic rehabilitation programme groups or the control group.

Group E-Rehab participants receive seven physiotherapist-delivered group classes, spread over 12 weeks, where they will be taught five lower-limb strengthening exercises. They also have access to online educational and self-help/pain self-management resources.

The My Knee Exercise group will have access to a website (My Knee UK) for 12-weeks, which contains videos and written instructions showing participants how to do the same five lower limb strengthening exercises. The website also contains educational, and self-help/pain self-management resources and participants receive support via behaviour change text messages.

Control group participants will continue with their usual knee pain self-management. 

All participants will be asked to complete two follow-up questionnaires, one at three months (after the treatment phase), and another at nine months.

Find out more

If you have any questions or are interested in taking part in the study, then please get in touch with the e-rehab research team on e.rehab@leeds.ac.uk or 0113 392 4965.