Move & Snooze

Lead researcher and their location/institution

Dr Daniel Whibley, University of Aberdeen

Who can get involved

Adults aged 18 years or above who are living with osteoarthritis-related pain and sleep disturbance. Participants must also have access to the internet at home.

Type of study

This study will test a new intervention designed to help with pain management. Participants will be asked to engage with the intervention and data collection procedures and provide feedback about the process.


Anywhere in the UK.

About the project

The aim of this study is to find out if a new combined physical activity and sleep improvement programme that we’ve designed for people with osteoarthritis is acceptable and attractive. We also want to find out if we can deliver the intervention smoothly and without problems, and if our plans for collecting data along the way are realistic and acceptable.

What is involved?

Participants will be provided with one-to-one physical activity coaching over the video conferencing platform Zoom (one session a week for six weeks), where they will be encouraged to identify goals that are important to them and will be supported in achieving them. Alongside this, participants will be given access to Sleepio, a six-week online guided programme, designed to improve sleep. Participants will be asked to complete and return questionnaires at the beginning, mid-way, and at the end of the study. They will also be asked to wear a physical activity monitor watch for seven days at the start and seven days at the end of the study. Once the intervention has been completed, participants will be invited to a one-to-one interview online so that we can collect feedback about the process and find out what, if any, refinements or improvements to the intervention or the process of collecting data are needed.

Find out more

If you’re interested in participating in this study, please email: