Open access and travel support

Open access

Versus Arthritis is the charity dedicated to stopping the devastating impact that arthritis has on people’s lives. We are committed to ensuring the published results of the research we fund are made as free and widely available as possible. Open access is an important means of maximising the impact of our funded research; it helps to share knowledge amongst the scientific community and enables our supporters to access the research they fund.

Open access options and costs

You can make your paper open access by publishing in an open access journal. Many publishers impose an article processing charge (APC) for this service. Versus Arthritis provides financial support to pay these charges.

  • From 1 October 2014, Versus Arthritis has contributed to the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF). The fund is a partnership between medical research charities and is available to a number of institutions. Authors should apply through their host institution to access this fund.
  • Authors based at an institution not supported by COAF, can apply direct to Versus Arthritis for open access funding if their host institution is unable to meet the costs of APCs.
  • If there are no funds left in your organisation’s COAF block grant, please contact your Research Programme Manager.
  • Alternatively, authors can comply with Versus Arthritis policy by self-archiving their publication in Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC) within six months of publication.

Versus Arthritis policy

We recommend authors select publishing routes that ensure the work is freely available immediately on publication in its final published form.

  • Where APCs are paid through the COAF, authors and publishers must licence papers using a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY). This is so they may be freely copied and re-used (e.g. for text and data mining purposes), providing such uses are fully attributed
  • Where APCs are paid direct by Versus Arthritis, we recommend that authors and publishers licence papers using a CC-BY licence.
  • Electronic copies of any research papers accepted for publication that are wholly or partially funded by Versus Arthritis must be made available via Europe PMC as soon as possible and no later than six months after publication.

What type of publications does the policy apply to?

  • Our open access policy applies to original research papers submitted for publication.
  • Where APCs are met through COAF, funding is available for original research papers and non-commissioned reviews.
  • Where APCs are met by Versus Arthritis, funding is available for original research papers only and does not cover additional page charges or colour plate charges.
  • Our open access policy does not extend to editorials, letters, commissioned reviews, scholarly monographs, conference proceedings or book chapter.

Further information

Guidance to support researchers in complying with this policy can be found in our step by step guide to making your paper open access (PDF, 111 KB).

Travel support

Travel support enables principal investigators, or other research staff employed on Versus Arthritis funded awards, to attend prestigious or relevant national or international scientific meetings in order to present Versus Arthritis supported work.

The maximum total amount allotted for travel is a pro rata sum of:

  • £750 per year (project grants, clinical studies and all categories of fellowship)
  • £1,500 per year (programme grants)
  • £500 per year (PhD studentships)

Applications will be accepted for meetings held up to 24 months after the end date of a grant or fellowship.

How to apply for travel support?

Applications for travel support may be made at any time via Grant Tracker, through the grant that you are presenting the work from.

Any application must be submitted at least 1 month before the date of the meeting and include an abstract of the work to be presented. 

All costs relating to the travel will be reimbursed after the meeting on receipt of an expenses claim form and a completed post meeting report form.