Setting our research strategy

We exist to prevent the onset of arthritis, develop a cure for arthritis and transform the lives of those with arthritis (now and in the future) by building, applying and sharing knowledge.

We support research that is aimed at improving the quality of life of people with arthritis, tackling the burden of pain and stacking the odds towards a cure. Supported research includes: basic discovery, experimental and applied research via a breadth of funding instruments, including programmatic, institutional and personal awards and a variety of types of partnership working.

Led by our senior leadership team, our board of trustees are responsible for setting the charity’s strategic direction and achieving the charity’s goals.

Research applications are assessed across three subcommittees, disease, treatment and health. Each subcommittee provides expert advice and intelligence to contribute to planning and developing research activities, as well as evaluating applications and recommending new awards and providing oversight of funded activities. Each subcommittee, when necessary, draws upon a college of experts for additional, specific expertise - including areas of research, methodology, policy work, implementation, lived experience of arthritis and health professional expertise. The subcommittees also utilise the expertise of the research advisory groups, fellowship expert group and patient insight partners in support of these activities.