Arthritis tracker for teens app

Making health appointments easier

Arthritis Tracker for Teens: Making appointments easier for young people

We’re so excited to share with you our new ‘Arthritis Tracker for Teens’ mobile app. It has been co-designed with young people and aims to be a quick and easy way for you to keep track of how you’re feeling, find information and advice, and hook you up to local support.

The app lets you rate and track your daily symptoms including pain and energy levels and then creates a simple summary showing how many good or bad days you’ve had recently. It’s designed to be a handy tool for when you’re asked ‘how have you been?’ in your health appointments.

  • Make appointments a little easier - Track your arthritis and general health with an easy-to-read summary, giving you some hints on what to tell the doctor at your next appointment.
  • Get answers to your questions - Browse our ‘Info & Tips’ section which provides information and advice about living with arthritis as a young person.
  • Find local events and social media groups - Get information about events happening in UK for young people with arthritis, and connect with other young people by browsing our social media groups.
  • Help shape future versions of the app - This app has been co-designed with other young people with arthritis. We’ve done lots of testing, but there may be room for improvement so we’re looking for more young people to test the app. We’d love you to give us feedback and flag any issues or ideas about how we could improve. You can provide your feedback by clicking on the big 'feedback' button in the app, or by emailing

* This app has been developed by Versus Arthritis in collaboration with young people who have arthritis or a similar condition. The project was initially funded by the Big Lottery Fund through the Building Change Trust.