Meet the MSK Champions

MSK Champions

In November 2018, 14 Health Care Professionals from across the UK became our inaugural group of MSK Champions. Following the success of our first cohort, in June 2019 we recruited another 14 exceptional individuals.

To build a galvanised and connected community of champions we need the right people, with the passion, potential and willingness to work collectively to deliver results. Our current 28 Champions are undergoing training at the prestigious Ashridge business school to develop and refine their leadership skills to transform MSK healthcare on a national and local level.

Find out more about our MSK Champions below.

For more information or to get in touch with the Champions please email

Imran Sajid

Profession: GP, MSK, Diagnostics, Urgent Care and Digital Strategy Lead

Location: West London

Helen Gibbs

Profession: Musculoskeletal Services Lead

Location: North East London

Maura McCarron

Profession: Rheumatologist

Location: Belfast

Daniel Murphy

Profession: GP and Rheumatologist

Location: Devon and Exeter

David Pilbury

Profession: Lead Physiotherapist/Clinical Specialist in Rheumatology

Location: Manchester

Asim Suleman

Profession: GP with special interest in pain management

Location: Bradford

Ruth Sephton

Profession: Consultant Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Location: St Helens

Andrew Reilly

Profession: Deputy Head of Physiotherapy and MSK team leader

Location: Cumbria

Roanna Burgess

Profession: Consultant Physiotherapist/Musculoskeletal Lead

Location: Sandwell and Birmingham

Nicky Wilson

Profession: Consultant Physiotherapist and Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Location: London and Southampton

Paul Allan

Profession: Deputy Director of NHS Delivery

Location: Kent

Nina White

Profession: Orthopaedic Outreach Service Manager

Location: Shropshire

Benjamin Wilkins

Profession: Founder & Non-Exec Director, Good Boost.

Location: London

Ross Clifford

Profession: Programme Lead MSc Physiotherapy, Senior Lecturer, Extended Scope Physiotherapist

Location: Lincoln

Cohort 2

Nimesh Patel

Profession: Orthopaedic Surgeon (S8)

Location: Exeter

Kay Stevenson

Profession: Consultant Physiotherapist

Location: Staffordshire

Bethan Forgie

Profession: GP (Special interest in Rheumatology)

Location: London

Ady Sweeney

Profession: School Occupational Health Physiotherapist

Location: Norwich

Jonny Moses

Profession: Clinical Project Manager/ Lead Senior House Officer

Location: Middlesex

Laura Gotting

Profession: Extended Scope Practitioner iMSK

Location: Surrey

Larry Koyama

Profession: Darzi Fellow

Location: Surrey

Johan Holte

Profession: Consultant Physiotherapist

Location: Sussex

Diarmaid Ferguson

Profession: Advanced MSK Practitioner

Location: North Shields

Alison Kent

Profession: Lead Nurse and Department Manager

Location: Salisbury

Claire Speer

Profession: Physiotherapy Manager

Location: London

Anna Doran

Profession: Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner 

Location: Wrexham

Lynsey Hetherington

Profession: Musculoskeletal Extended Scope Podiatrist/ MSK Service lead

Location: Gateshead

Keisha Dell

Profession: Service Manager - Connect Health

Location: West Midlands