Consultant rheumatologist

A consultant rheumatologist is a doctor who specialises in diagnosing and treating arthritis and related conditions.

How can I be referred to a consultant rheumatologist?

You should be able to find a rheumatologist in the rheumatology department of your hospital. Your GP will normally refer you to a rheumatologist if you need further tests to confirm your diagnosis or more specialist treatment.

How can a rheumatologist help me?

Helping diagnose your condition

Your rheumatologist will arrange for you to have tests to find out more about your condition. These may include blood tests and x-rays.

If there are complex results from these tests your rheumatologist may discuss them with specialist colleagues.

Organising treatments

Your rheumatologist will recommend treatment programmes. This may include drug treatments, which they may help monitor or carry out.

They can also recommend that you see therapists for specialist advice, including:

Some rheumatic diseases can affect other aspects of your health besides your joints. If necessary, your rheumatologist will refer you to other specialists, although they'll still want to see you regularly to monitor you.