Promoting your event

How can I let people know about the event?

Once you’ve decided on your fundraising event, you need to tell the world about it!

Start by inviting everyone you know: email your friends and colleagues for support, and ask them to forward onto their friends and colleagues.

Put posters and flyers in local community centres, businesses, school, at work and anywhere where people will see them.

Don't forget to tell us about your event! We have a variety of branded materials that we can send to you to help you spread the word and let people know who you’re fundraising for. These include:

  • posters
  • balloons
  • collection boxes
  • leaflets
  • information booklets.

To order fundraising materials call 0300 790 0405.

How will I get volunteers to help?

A really good way to recruit volunteers is to contact your local authority and see if you can advertise your volunteer opportunity with their volunteer department.

Contact local Scouts, Guides and TA groups as they're always keen to help when can.

Can I use social media to promote my event?

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are great tools to generate awareness and support for your event. Using social media can help you promote it to thousands of people.

Would local newspapers be interested?

Promoting your event through local media is a great way to get support and interest in your event. You can send a press release to your local paper, making sure it includes the following to help get their attention:

  • details about your event (time, date, place, fundraising target)
  • why you're raising money for us, including a personal link to us if there is one
  • what Versus Arthritis does
  • your contact details and a link to your online fundraising page if you have one.

Tell us details of your event and we can share on social media to help spread the word.