Holyrood Manifesto

Musculoskeletal conditions can have a huge impact on people’s lives. They may not take life, but for many they take away the quality of life. This is particularly true for the many people living with constant and sometimes unbearable pain.

Prevent, Transform, Cure – the Versus Arthritis manifesto for Scotland (PDF 1.7 MB) calls for decision makers to put in place policies that will lead to the prevention and cure of musculoskeletal conditions while transforming the services provided to those that live with them.

What does the manifesto call for?

The manifesto calls for politicians in Scotland to take action by:

  • preventing the development of musculoskeletal conditions through enhanced public health pathways
  • transforming lives through smarter, more person-centred care and improving early diagnosis
  • ensuring long-term support of medical research to find a cure for arthritis.

To deliver this vital agenda we’re asking members of the Scottish Parliament to become Arthritis Champions, fighting on behalf of those with musculoskeletal conditions at both Parliament and the local level.

How can MSPs get involved?