We Are Undefeatable

We know that the way your arthritis affects you can be unpredictable, which makes the little victories important, even when it comes to being active. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something small and new, or just that little bit more of something you already do, being active is about what works for you. However you get moving – it all makes a difference.

COVID-19 Update: We have some great ways for you to get moving available to download below and the We Are Undefeatable website is being regularly updated with tips on staying active, videos and stories. You can read our latest updates on our COVID-19 page.

We are supporting the We Are Undefeatable campaign, along with 14 other charity partners, supported by Sport England and funded by National Lottery, because we know the difference getting active can make.

Find out more about exercising with arthritis and what types of exercises are beneficial for certain conditions:

We Are Undefeatable has launched the Home Games, a virtual event and training programme shaped on a decathlon, but with fun and active contests for people living with long term health conditions to take part in. Two teams, one led by decorated Paralympians Dame Sarah Storey and a second, led by Lauren Rowles MBE, were taken through 10 weeks of training, culminating in a fun head to head competition, where participants could see how far they had come.

Download our printable Home Games version to discover how to get active without any fancy equipment and only using household objects. Turn your everyday activities into fun movement sessions that you can do with your friends and family. Activities include Laundry Basketball, Plant Pot Hurdles, Pillow Javelin and many more.

Home Games full colour version (PDF, 544 KB).
Home Games black and white version (PDF, 348 KB).

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We are Undefeatable

Hear more stories and find tools to help you get moving and stay active like the ‘My Daily Undefeatable’ virtual assistant and the ‘5in5’ customisable mini work-out.

We are Undefeatable

Exercising with arthritis

We should all aim to do at least some physical activity every day. Find our tips for getting active with arthritis and more exercises to manage pain.

Exercising with arthritis

A little goes a long way when it comes to being active

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