Full body stretching


These follow-along twenty minute full body stretch routines have been designed especially for those living with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Each video is designed for a different time of your day, from getting moving when you wake up, keeping mobile during the day to a relaxing stretch in the evening.

Remember to drink water while you're exercising and make sure you have plenty of space around you to avoid injury.

It's a good idea to start slowly and build up gradually if you're new to exercise. For more information and tips on getting started, see our Getting started with exercise page.

Get advice and support from a healthcare professional or fitness instructor if you have any concerns about starting a new exercise plan.

Morning routine

Full body stretching: Morning routine

In this video, physiotherapist Jay Milomo walks you through a gentle morning stretch which can be done when you wake up or later on. From the neck, shoulder, hands and fingers down to the knees and ankles, Jay guides you through commonly recommended exercises for people living with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Many of the exercises can be done sitting or standing, you can even make use of the bed or sofa.

Did you know it can be particularly helpful to get the body moving when you first wake up? It can help reduce morning stiffness and pain. It also sets you up for the day and can help make everyday tasks like opening doors or reaching for things easier.

Daytime routine

Full body stretching: Daytime routine

This video is designed especially for the middle of your day. Follow along as physiotherapist Jay demonstrates a variety of movements including shoulder exercises to help you maintain a good posture and hand and wrist exercises which can help you to complete everyday tasks more easily.

Why not complete the video just before lunch or as a break after sitting still? Carrying out this gentle routine regularly can help reduce pain and stiffness throughout the day.

Many of the exercises can be done sitting or standing. Designed to be incorporated into your daily routine, these exercises can be done anywhere – all you need is twenty minutes.

Evening routine

Full body stretching: Evening routine

This special full body stretch video is designed to help you relax in the evening. Physiotherapist Jay Milomo guides you through a 20 minute routine to gently stretch your joints whilst focusing on your breathing.

Did you know mindful breathing can encourage the body to relax? By taking long, deep breaths more oxygen can enter the body, which in turn can also help reduce stress.

Why not set up a calming space before watching the video? Dim lights and gentle music can help to set the tone. This routine can be carried out every day. Committing to a regular stretching practice can help reduce pain and stiffness, as well as improving mobility.