How we spend our money


Together, we’re researching to make a difference to the 10 million people in the UK living with arthritis. Thanks to your incredible generosity and work we’ve already made the biggest breakthrough in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis – anti TNF therapy. Since its approval in 1998 infliximab alone has transformed the lives 1.9 million people with inflammatory arthritis.

In 2017–18 we invested more than £4.5 million in 12 exciting research studies that will move us further and faster along the pathway to developing a cure and more effective treatments for people with arthritis.


We’re committed to providing trusted advice and support to help you feel empowered to manage your condition.

Last year we had over 17,000 calls to our helplines and over 4,500 conversations on our arthritis virtual assistant. Our online community currently has more than 9,500 registered users and it had almost 103,000 visitors between November 2017 and March 2018.

We sent over 1.3 million publications and over 7.7 million people visited our websites for information.1

Raising awareness

Everybody affected by arthritis needs everybody behind them. We’re working closely with partners and policy makers to make sure the pain of arthritis isn’t ignored.

This year, we ensured the voices of people with arthritis were heard in governments across the UK, achieving real influence amongst decision makers in all four nations.

Last year we ran our first major national campaign to challenge perceptions of arthritis, The Nation’s Joint Problem. The campaign, informed by the stories of people with arthritis, aimed to shift perceptions and raise the status of arthritis nationally through high impact, emotionally compelling advertising. As a result of the six-week campaign, we saw a six percent rise in the public’s perception of arthritis as a problem that affects everyone.

Working with healthcare professionals

In total during 2017–18 we reached more than 67,000 (50,000 in 2016–17) healthcare professionals, through training, events, publications and our dedicated website.

More than 3,300 GPs and primary care professionals accessed the our core skills e-learning package which aims to increase confidence in assessing, diagnosing, investigating and treating musculoskeletal problems. As a result, we estimate this year over 2.5 million consultations related to arthritis were held by a GP who had benefited from our programme.

For a detailed breakdown of our expenditure please read our annual report. For more information about the how your money raised is making a difference read our achievements.

1 These figures relate to seven months of the year as Arthritis Research UK and five months as a merged organisation.