Let's Move with Leon

What is Let’s Move with Leon?

Let's Move with Leon, with Leon smiling at the camera.

Let’s Move with Leon is our weekly email programme of 30-minute movement sessions, presented by fitness expert Leon Wormley.

Leon specialises in working with people with arthritis and related conditions, and we think you’ll love his fun, motivational and inclusive approach.

The Let’s Move with Leon classes are a holistic, full-body programme that will improve your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. They also relate to what you do in your day-to-day life. You don’t need any special gear, and there’s no cost.

As well as your weekly class, we’ll email you follow-up exercises that you can do between sessions. And you’ll be able to exchange advice and encouragement with other Let’s Move with Leon subscribers as part of our Facebook community.

We’ll give you simple ways to track your progress, so you can see how your health and fitness are improving in all the ways that matter most – from your flexibility to your heart rate to your lung capacity.

Leon knows how to help you listen to your body and do what’s right for you, whatever your fitness level. You can do all of the activities at your own pace, and take on as much or as little as is right for you.

By the end of the email programme, we’re confident you’ll feel real benefits. You may find that you’re able to do those things you used to love doing, or things you haven’t felt able to do for a while – like take a long walk.

Meet Leon

Meet fitness expert Leon Wormley who designed and introduced all the exercises in this programme. Let’s Move with Leon is a free and exclusive exercise programme for people living with arthritis and related conditions. It features weekly 30-minute movement sessions delivered right to your email inbox. If you haven't already, don't forget to sign up!

Once you sign up, you'll receive our ‘getting started' video within seven days, and then Leon's exercise videos once a week – starting with a session on mobility.

You might notice people in the Let’s Move online community or on social media talking about classes you haven’t had yet. That’s only because they signed up before you and so started getting the sessions earlier. 

Please note the sessions are designed to be done in the order you receive them.

Getting started

In this video Leon goes over some tips on how to stay safe during exercise and what you need to get started.

Getting started video

Getting down and off the floor

In this video, fitness expert Leon and his mum Janet show you how to safely get up from and down on the floor, in a simple step-by-step guide.

Getting down and off the floor video

Activity tracker

The activity tracker is your guide to the Let’s Move with Leon programme. It contains reminders of what was covered in the session, as well as tips and instructions for your weekly activity dose. You can use it to keep track of your goals and progress, and make plans for the activities you’ll be doing over the next few weeks.

The tracker can be printed out and stuck to your fridge as a reminder, but it’s also interactive – meaning you can complete it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The activity tracker may open in a new tab, so make sure you click the Save As icon or File >> Save As, usually at the top of the page, and save it to your device. This will mean you can fill the tracker in and save it on your device as you go.

Download the activity tracker (PDF, 1 MB).

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our new physical activity programmes - Let's Move with Leon and Let's Move.