What we do

We offer a wide range of activities across England for adults and young people from Commissioned services to new walking groups to various types of gentle exercise, peer support for adults and young people and families, information sharing and social activities. All activities are fully risk assessed and approved by Versus Arthritis. Do check what’s in your local area using the Search for Services in Your Local Area search box

Versus Arthritis is here to make sure that people with arthritis have all the support and information they need to live well with their condition, as well as to ensure the needs of people with arthritis are a priority with policymakers in England.

Living Well with Arthritis (Services for adults)

Versus Arthritis offers a range of support and information to all adults affected by arthritis across England. This includes:

  • Physical activities such as hydrotherapy, Tai Chi, chair-based exercise, walking groups.
  • Talks from healthcare professionals and researchers on topics such as managing pain and fatigue.
  • Information stands in places such as rheumatology departments, libraries and local events.
  • Social activities and informal support from people like you through regular group meetings.

Our local Service Coordinators offer support to people with arthritis and work with volunteer groups in the areas they cover. Do get in touch to find out what is available local to you by searching In Your Area, emailing services@versusarthritis.org or telephoning 0300 790 0433 during business hours.

Local branches and groups

Our branches and support groups offer friendship, fun, information, and a chance to meet other people who know what it is like to live with arthritis or other muscular skeletal conditions.

We have support offered by local volunteer-led branches and groups across England. Branches and groups usually meet monthly, some during daytime, some in the evenings. Activities vary based on local interests and can include guest speakers, physical activity and social activities. Search to find your local branch or group.

Commissioned services: Osteoarthritis of the hip/knee services

Do you live in one of the area’s listed below and have osteoarthritis of the hip and/or knee?

Do you want to get information on managing symptoms such as pain or want to talk to someone about your osteoarthritis?

Are you preparing for or considering joint replacement surgery?

Versus Arthritis believe there is always something you can do to reduce the impact of osteoarthritis, whether you have been recently diagnosed, or have been living with it for some time.

In some areas of the country we provide face to face, virtual and over the phone services for people with osteoarthritis of the knee/hip, which are commissioned by the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG). Please note you need to be registered with a GP surgery in the following areas:

To access our services in Northumberland or East Riding of Yorkshire regions – click here to refer yourself online. Or speak to your health care professional for a referral or call our services number on 0300 790 0433.

To check which area your GP surgery comes under please check out this website: https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/other-services/Clinical-Commissioning-Group/LocationSearch/1

Young People and Families Service (YPFS)

Our Young People and Families service offers a range of services to support young people and their families. We encourage young people to get together for a variety of fun activity and discussion-based events across England.

YPFS - Our Activities

Young people tell us that sometimes friendships and activities have been affected by their health and coming along to one of our events gives them the opportunity to rebuild confidence in themselves and trust in others. All events are run with our volunteers who themselves have grown up with arthritis or similar conditions, so we know there is no such thing as being too young to have arthritis.

We know it is daunting to try something new, but our volunteers and the other young people remember their first time and know exactly how that feels and work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe.

Take a look at our leaflet on the virtual event we do and how to contact us (PDF, 359 KB).

Local Events for young people

We run regular small social meet ups for young people aged 11-18 in London, Manchester and the West Midlands. These are a chance to meet others in your local area, listen to talks and try out different activities.

All our events are fully funded, insured, and run by qualified and experienced staff. All staff and volunteers have criminal records check. Find out more and keep an eye on what’s coming up in your area or contact us at ypf@versusarthritis.org.

Calendar of young people and family events

We have an easy way to see all the young people and family events on our downloadable calendar. This will give you an 'at a glance' view of what's happening in your area: Young people and families calendar of events (PDF, 174 KB).

Connecting with us online

Arthritis Tracker: A mobile app for teens and young adults

Created with young people for young people, Arthritis Tracker lets you rate your symptoms in seconds and see a simple summary of your recent pain, sore joints, medication side effects, energy levels, activity, sleep and emotions. You can use these summaries to help you talk to your healthcare professionals at medical appointments or simply to see how you have been doing recently. Download the app here.

YPFS - Social Media

We have social media pages available for both parents and teenagers, to allow you to connect with others locally who understand. These are a great place to stay updated and ask any questions you may have for people who have been through similar experiences. Connect with us on social media here.


To volunteer for an organisation is to give the invaluable gift of time and at Versus Arthritis our volunteers play a vital role in raising funds and raising awareness about the pain of arthritis. We couldn't operate without them. All of our services are delivered or supported by our amazing volunteers, and there are opportunities to get involved in campaigning, fundraising, take part in events or even organise your own. Volunteering is at the very heart of Versus Arthritis and it is thanks to the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers, that we can support millions of people living with arthritis every year.

We have several volunteering opportunities available across England and provide all the necessary training and support that will help you feel part of our organisation and equipped to perform your role. As a volunteer, we will support you to learn new skills, meet new people and help you increase your confidence and self-esteem. Many of our volunteers live with arthritis and related conditions, which means together we can deliver a quality service, and help you to enhance your self-management skills.

Please get in touch to find out more by emailing volunteering@versusarthritis.org.


We need your help to make arthritis a government and health service priority. Sign up to our Campaigns Network today and join thousands of others campaigning for change. We’ll email you with campaign updates and how you can get involved. Find out more about the issues we’re campaigning on. Do get in touch to find out how you can support our national campaigns by emailing campaigns@versusarthritis.org.

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