Our Let’s Move with Leon programme launches to rave reviews

21 October 2020
Leon ready for exercise.

**Look out for more from Leon (and his mum) later in the year.** 

Exercise can be one of the best ways for people with arthritis to feel good, move well and live a healthier life. 

Our online exercise programme Let’s Move with Leon is a set of 30-minute movement classes specially designed to help people with arthritis exercise at home.

The sessions are delivered by email and presented by Leon Wormley, who specialises in working with people with arthritis and related conditions. You can also find and follow the programme on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

If you want more movement in your life, sign up for Let’s Move here and we’ll send you everything you need to get started.

“It lifts the spirits, especially as a lot of the 'moves' are for seated people. Love it!”

Many people have found positives from getting active and the feedback has been fantastic.

Leon designed and leads the classes but it’s his mum who demonstrates the moves – something that’s also gone down well.

“I’ve just watched the first video on mobility – absolutely brilliant. Determined to master all the exercises – slowly! It's lovely to see that Leon has his mother as the demonstrator, as we can all relate to her. Thank you to Leon and mum and Versus Arthritis for producing this series. It lifts the spirits, especially as a lot of the 'moves' are for seated people. Love it!” Helen, Let’s Move online community member.

"Just watching and trying bits out, I went from my usual stress mode to a much calmer state and was sorry the video was over!”

We know that exercise can help reduce pain and stiffness, increase joint and muscle strength, improve general flexibility and mobility, lessen the risk of hip fractures or falls, reduce fatigue and help alleviate depression. Find out more about our Let's Move programme.

Which is why it was important to us to design a holistic, full body programme that will improve your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. It’s also designed to boost your mental wellbeing.

Another community member, Heather, told us Leon’s classes are “...very easy to follow… and I find that it also clears my mind from worry and gives me time to focus on something else. I am looking forward to the next session.”

A little movement everyday can make all the difference

Leon has designed the programme so even people with severe symptoms can benefit from it – something our participants have recognised.

“Great workout. Found exercises well explained and achievable,” Denise told us. “Have arthritis in all the joints mentioned (and a few others!). Think it's great that I can access and use these workouts as and when I feel able to.”

We’ll give the final word to the Northamptonshire Chronic Pain Support Group:

“This looks amazing! Definitely [a] worthwhile way of increasing your movement in a safe and gentle way in order to improve your physical and mental well-being. I’m giving it a go – who’s joining me?!”

To join in and enjoy the benefits of a more active life, sign up to Let’s Move today.

Sharing experiences of your physical activity journey can be a brilliant motivator too. If you're on Facebook why not join our Let's Move group?

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